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5 Skills To Get You Fit Like The Football Pros

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What is important in football training? What skills can amateur sportsmen and women look up to from professional footballers?

You guessed it! All top footballers work with top strength and conditioning coaches to improve their performances on the field. To perform like them, you need to build a solid foundation of strength endurance and stability.

Below is a close look at training skills that provide tips and tricks to get closer to the football stars in terms of fitness:

1. Standing is the nuts and bolts

An average football player covers about 10 to 13 kilometers during a game. That is a performance that requires the footballer to have good stamina. In everyday life, however, it rarely happens that we walk on such routes. That’s why the start of the football season is a good opportunity to put your own endurance (again) on the training plan.


  • climb stairs to the 5th floor
  • deliberately go longer stretches on foot to bring out the running shoes again.
  • For novice and advanced runners, so-called outdoor fitness running courses can also be interesting: Whether basic running technique or intensive training – with the professionally instructed courses all benefit from the positive group dynamics!
  • Good alternatives to running are swimming or cycling lessons in the gym

2. Power provides the crucial skills advantage

While footballers used to be less muscular than other athletes in the past, experts are at odds with strong muscle that gives players more explosiveness, bounce, and ruggedness.

Strength training is not only recommended for footballers, but for everyone:

  • It boosts the metabolism
  • prevents back pain and osteoporosis.

You can try effective strength training devices for legs and buttocks muscles specifically with or without additional weights – it assists in the optimal execution of squats and thus increases the training result. Ideal is also functional training as an everyday-relevant form of training, in which several muscle and joint groups are claimed simultaneously.

How to get fit and improve your football game

3. Coordination determines the quality of the movement

football skills to be fit

A football player needs his coordination skills in almost every move on the pitch. Be it a shot, pass, feint, dribbling or jump to the head: balance, reaction, differentiation and orientation skills are always in demand. They form the foundation for perfectly functioning movement sequences – even in our everyday lives. Already at the age of 30, coordination abilities can hardly be noticeable.

Try trying at the pool. In addition to balance and coordination, concentration and the deep muscles are simultaneously trained

4. Recovery makes being fit and everything else possible

Not the most different training sessions belongs for footballers and the regeneration firmly on the training plan. Football players need to be able to rest quickly so that they are fully operational again the next time.

Hobby athletes should therefore quietly emulate the pros. Thanks to the sauna, steam room and relaxation rooms, many gyms offer a wide variety of relaxation options. Even a professional sports massage or sensibly selected sports food products, such as amino acid ampoules or protein shakes, can accelerate regeneration and improve the training result in the long term.

5. Motivation is the key to achieving your goal

No football player makes it to the professional league, if he does not have the drive to get better and win games. Regular physical activity also requires some hobby athletes to have real discipline.

To keep you going, you can:

  • try a different course format in the studio for a change
  • arrange a fitness Friday together with friends.
  • The use of a personal trainer can also help to get inspiration and fresh wind for your own training.
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