Stepover Combinations

There are so many variations of the stepover and this tutorial shows you another way or beating a man with stepovers. For this tutorial you should already know how to do the stepover confidently (if you can’t see the beginner section. The video below demonstrates this tutorial.

Step by step guide for learning how to do a basic Stepover

Step 1

Roll the ball forward while running. Make sure you have enough space (around 3m) to your opponent to complete the whole trick.

Step 2

Begin with a stepover using your strong foot.

Step 3

After that, immediately add two reverse stepovers to confuse your opponent.

Step 4

Complete the skill with two more normal stepovers. You can also add more if you want and have space to confuse the opponent even more!

Credit: 10Bra

7 Stepover Combinations To Easily Defeat A Defender

The video tutorial below goes though 7 stepover combinations that you can easily learn and use to defeat a defender.

Stepover combinations

  1. Regular Stepover
  2. Stepover + body feint
  3. Stepover chop
  4. Double Stepover
  5. Pato Stepover
  6. Zaha Stepover
  7. Okocha Stepover Combo
Credit: SimplySoccer

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Origins of the move

The stepover is credited to the Argentinean Pedro Calomino – the inventor of the bicycle kick. The idiosyncratic genius was obviously light on his feet to pull off such trickery; something enhanced by the winger’s preference to play trainers instead of boots. The Argentinean even played an international match against Uruguay wearing only pair of socks!

Dutchman Law Adam was the first to use the stepover in Europe, consequently earning him the nickname ‘Adam the Scissorsman’.

The move was later a favorite of Brazilian Ronaldo; while, in the last decade it has most commonly been associated with his Portuguese namesake.

Christiano Ronaldo has now become synonymous with the stepover. Here is a video of some of the combinations he uses:

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