360 roulette turn

The 360 Roulette Turn

The 360 Roulette Turn is known by several names like : The Maradona , The Roulette, The 360, The Zidane 360 and so on. It is rumored to be created by the Brazilian Garrincha but perfected by Maradona and popularised by Zidane.

3 Basic 360 Roulette Turn Steps 

The 360 Roulette Turn is quite easy and could be done by following the 3 basic steps below:

  1. The 1st Drag-Back: This move starts with the ball ahead of the player. Place the sole of your stronger foot on top of the ball and lightly roll it back to yourself.
  2. The Body Spin: This is the difficult bit, try and spin your body 90 degrees so the ball rolls to your weaker foot.
  3. The 2nd Drag-Back: Step on the ball with the sole of your weaker foot just (like the first bullet point) and drag it towards your body. This drag back should be done in the second part of the body spin.
Credit: Howcast

This move could be done in different variations, at different speeds for example you could use your instep in the first drag-back instead of your sole. This is done in instances when running at pace or if a studded boot makes the skill more difficult to do. Celtic Winger Aiden McGeady does a personal favorite variation of this trick where in the first phase he uses the instep of his foot to push the ball behind his standing leg and in the third phase used the outside of his boot. But don’t be discouraged if this sounds to advanced just practice the version above and in time you could decide the best way for you to pull it off.


Side Note: Because you start with your Strong Foot, you finish this trick on your Strong Foot, which means you can beat a defender and take a shot or pass after performing the trick.


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