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Take the Ultimate Premier League Quiz

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Test Your Premier League Knowledge

Are you are a true Premier League Expert? Take the Ultimate Premier League Quiz and prove it!

You might not be a Premier League Expert if the following applies to you!

1. If the person you’re talking to mentions a specific football player, you use one of the the following phrases:
  • He’s been crap all season.
  • I don’t rate him, never have.
2. You listen for certain football buzzwords and throw in gibberish such as:
  • OFFSIDE: He was never offside.
  • GOAL: Ah it was a great goal all the same.
3. When in doubt, you throw in "I still say it doesn’t matter how good they are, they’ll never be as good as Arsenal in 2003-2004."

STILL think you know the Premier League? THEN take the quiz NOW!  
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